Why I’m Not Cool

I have every intention of maintaining this  blog but something always seems to come up…

1. Took a long weekend to visit family.

2. Friend has cancer surgery, almost dies, comes back to life, starts chemo.

3. This little thing called work .

4. Sick kids = sick parents.

Life tends to get in the way of my best intentions.


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Super Cool…

Little, my toddler, still sleeps in her crib. THANK GOD! Most of her little friends have flung themselves out of their cribs at some point and are now in big girl beds. THANK GOD Little seems to enjoy her crib. It is wonderful to not have to worry about her roaming the house at night and to have a place where she can be contained if need be. (I hear social services looks down on putting your kids in dog crates) 

I know the time is coming when we will have to give up the crib and deal with the independence a big girl bed brings. I just stumbled upon this bed at VIA and think it is the coolest. It is simple and serves more than one purpose.  



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Half Cool…Half Not so Cool

The internet is draining my bank account. I typically don’t shop much because it involves this little thing called initiative. Why get off my lazy bum, put presentable clothes on, and drive to a store? With the influx of several super cool webshops, now all I have to do is lift my finger and press click a few times to find oh so many fabulous things that I “need.”

My latest internet obsession is Delight.  Everyday at 12pm CST they profile a new, fun and discounted thing to buy.  Last week alone, I purchased four of the profiled items. (yikes)

Between Delight and Etsy, we will be bankrupt in a year.

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Sort of Cool…

Today I took a big leap and bought this Libertine shirt dress from Target.


I really don’t know if I can actually pull it off but it is super cute. It set me back $29.99 and if it doesn’t actually see the outside of my house,  I will only feel slightly guilty. 

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Not so Cool…

Target is having a huge toy clearance. In addition to the cute shirt dress, I came away with all sorts of toys. I am telling myself they will make great gifts but I know, deep down, all the toys will end up in our playroom. As a mom of two girls, how could I pass up a doll crib for only $3.24? 


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Thanks for stopping by.

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