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I will gladly write today

So, tired, I am so tired. Two kids under three, busy job, busy husband…I am always so tired.

Why don’t I post? I don’t know. Why don’t I pay my bills? Clean the house? Go to the grocery store? There aren’t enough hours in the day. 

I so wanted to keep this blog up. I really need an outlet but it just doesn’t look like it is happening. I will keep trying.

Why do I feel the need to use so so much?


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Not Cool

Seriously, what is wrong with our society when Sally Field gets censored at the Emmy’s?

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Why do they still make lead paint? 

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Labor Day Hangover

Why is the day after Labor Day always awful?

Everyone is grumpy – hungover  from alcohol or long weekend projects around the house or both

I work in the land of cubicles and my wonderful husband called me in a not so wonderful mood. He told me to go somewhere private and I knew I was in for it. Her proceed to yell at me for ten minutes. Finally he stopped, I asked what was really wrong and he said he had a holiday hangover and apologized profusely.

Ugh. Is it Friday yet?

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If I have said it once

il_430xn_10872732-2.jpgETSY.COM is going to bankrupt my family. Today I discovered that this wonderful site will suggest items you might be interested in based on your favorite sellers and items.

Okay…I bought like five new pieces of art.

When my husband got home today I warned him that I had inadvertently spent a lot of money today.

He said it can’t be that bad…it is.

Thank god for credit cards.

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Who said it?

I was watching Bravo recently and a certain someone actually let these words out of their mouth…

“People need to recognize me for the gift that I am.”

Do you know who it was? Vote today.

August 27, 2007 at 8:55 am 1 comment

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